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My first daily inventory – 30.07.2017

I’m posting my first daily inventory, after reading the sections on Steps 10 & 11 in the Big Book with my sponsor this evening.  I’ve made my own personal inventory to do each day with 4 components:

  • Big Book inventory (how have I been selfish, dishonest, resentful and afraid?)
  • My positive inventory (how have I been responsible, productive, loving and kind?)
  • Higher Power (how have I experienced HP today?)
  • Gratitude list (what am I grateful for today?)

SELFISH – I have not helped others today, instead I have just fed my food addiction.  Due to spending all my money on this recently, I wasn’t able to help out the dog sitter by meeting him half way with my dog.

DISHONEST – I lied about a foot injury the other day to get out of seeing my parents as I was in relapse, today when I spoke to them I maintained that lie to avoid facing their negative reaction had I come clean.

RESENTFUL – I have resented the people that live in my building while we were all out when a fire alarm went off.  I resenting being there with them, and looked down on them as many of them have mental health problems.

AFRAID – While walking out in public I was afraid of others judgement of my body.  When I saw my ass jiggling in the mirror as I walked by I was afraid I would be rejected by men and never be loved or cherished.  I was afraid I would never get the power back that comes with having a great body.

RESPONSIBLE – I did good step work today and made amends to my family, reached out to others by email, paid back money to a shop, and replaced some of a flatmate’s sugar which I used.

PRODUCTIVE – I spoke to many people on the phone today, took my dog for a walk, changed my sheets and tidied up.

LOVING – I told my family how much I appreciated them and how grateful I was for their caring and support.  I gave my dog lots of cuddles.

KIND – I picked up dog poo to avoid others stepping in it.


After making my amends to my family I felt a great sense of gratitude wash over me, which I had never felt before.  To me, gratitude is a spiritual experience.


  1. Having enough clean linen to change my bed, even though I have 3 sets to be washed
  2. The nice weather today
  3. Being able to speak to both my parents and 2 sisters today.


Happy thoughts x


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