Daily inventory – 31.07.17


SELFISH – I didn’t really help others today, but focussed on myself.  I could have done an amends from my list – cleaning the kitchen and hallway, but felt too tired to do so.

DISHONEST – I didn’t let my sister know that I wasn’t coming over, I should have just declined her invitation yesterday instead of saying ‘I’ll let you know’, when I didn’t want to go.

RESENTFUL – I resented a flatmate who was in the kitchen as I felt awkward and vaguely threatened (not anything he did, just my thing).  I don’t like interacting with other people when I’m in a funk.

AFRAID – Of anyone who wanted to talk to me today.  I didn’t want to interact.  I also got tangled up in some memories of the past which made me feel very afraid on behalf of past-me (not quite sure what that is about).

RESPONSIBLE – I did laundry, made my bed and prepped some meals for tomorrow.  I was also sober (yay!) and ate well.  I had a moment of disease-madness and made a dessert before I could take the reins back, but I had a few bites then threw it away – this is progress!

PRODUCTIVE – I went to an online meeting, did some reading and started a prayer journal.

LOVING – I was supportive and encouraging in the online meeting.

KIND – To myself – I shared in the meeting even though it was not particularly positive.  I also wrote a prayer when I felt unsure, and wrote about my fears of the past when they threatened to overwhelm me.


I felt gratitude for the support in the meeting and the tip I got from another member to start a prayer journal (I’m curious to see how this turns out – you basically write to God and re-read what you’ve written some time later to see whether your prayers have been answered).  I seem to be doing a lot of writing, but it’s better than eating or drinking!


  1. Enjoying my dinner of brown rice, butter beans, kidney beans, kale and tomatoes
  2. Tea!  Assam and gingerbread green tea today.
  3. Knowing my family is there for me just at the end of the phone, even though I didn’t speak to anyone today.


Peace & serenity x


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